The perfectly comfortable space gives travelers a feeling of home away from home.

Taipei 101

4.3 KM from the hotel,16 min drive
Taipei 101 is a shopping center wtih 5 levels and B1 floor. The shopping space covers 76033 sqm and is the first international world class shopping center in Taiwan. Flagship stores includes BALLY, LV, Prada, Gucci, Cartier, DIOR, FENDI and others. It provides a variety of choices for customers to enjoy a luxurious shopping experience.
European, Japanese, Thai, Chinese and other national flavor restaurants include Daikanyama Dining, Crystalspoon Thai Food, Diamond Tony's 101, Jiu-Ru Zhejiang, iR China and others. The Food court is equipped with nearly a thousand seats with a comfortable dining space. The urban square on level 4 features perfect space design and planning, covering 1652 sqm with 40m vertical height. Natural lighting soaks the outdoor sitting area with luminous modern ambience. Bridge connections are available between TWTC and ATT 4 FUN shopping center. Located close to the Grand Hyatt Taipei. Convenient located for transportation.

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