The perfectly comfortable space gives travelers a feeling of home away from home.

  • Guang Hua Digital Plaza

    Guang Hua Digital Plaza

    The massive digital information center offers a complete selection of electronic devices, financial services, cafes, and maintenance/ assembly center. The spacious shopping space is often compared with Akihabara in Japan.

    1.8 KM from the hotel,7 min drive
  • Ximen Shopping district

    Ximen Shopping district

    Collection of activities with movies, fashion, jewelry, international gourmet food and idol artist autograph events for young people, Ximending has become a favorite new paradise for young people.

    3.4 KM from the hotel,13 min drive
  • Shida Shopping district

    Shida Shopping district

    As the name indicates, it is located next to Taiwan Normal University in Taipei City. The night market offers a unique variety of authentic snacks and affordable young fashion goods. A definite favorite of young people and foreign tourists.

    2.3 KM from the hotel,8 min drive
  • Yongkang Shopping district

    Yongkang Shopping district


    1.0 KM from the hotel,5 min drive